Hard Rock Granite & Quartz provides homeowners and businesses of the area the greatest selection of granite countertop colors.

Throughout our history, we have introduced a number of technological advances to refine our production process and give our clients the best value for their money.


Even though our selection of colors is very extensive, you don’t have to worry. You will never be left alone, wasting time looking at colors that don’t even apply to your ideas. The truly no-hassle environment and prompt service, create an experience which many of our customers call “unforgettable”.

Our installers have years of experience. They start as apprentices and learn the fine details of granite installation techniques. Once they have proven themselves to be able to install countertops on their own, they are assigned a crew of helpers. This system of training guarantees that your kitchen countertops will be installed by professionals. Courtesy and respect for your property are always their top priorities.


Starting at the decision-making level, Hard Rock Granite & Quartz is already ahead of the competition. We provide you with the largest and most advanced website in the industry. Before you decide to make a trip to our showroom, we give you tools that will make the selection of your granite color simple and fun.

You can browse through our material selection and look at high quality photos of the slabs. Our extensive photo and video galleries of completed projects will give you a really good idea of what other homeowners like. Our galleries can contribute greatly to your design ideas.


Now that you know how we operate, it will be easier for you to understand that our pricing is not an advertising gimmick, but an effect of efficient management and top notch technology. As a direct importer, we relay our savings into the price of your countertop. By using CNC machines, we save time and resources, while keeping the highest standards of quality.

That means, there’s no money wasted for redoing or servicing countertops because every countertop we make goes through a computerized quality control screening. And finally, having our own installing teams lowers the costs of labor, since we don’t need to subcontract jobs to outside companies.